When on a customer’s site the franchisee’s technicians have always needed to perform some form of Risk Assessment when arriving on site.

But now the checks they need to perform have increased to ensure they and the customers are safe from a COVID perspective too – and to make it more complex, the rules we all need to follow have been, and will continue to, keep changing

So how do you ensure the franchisee’s technicians are performing the right checks to ensure they are keeping your customers safe?

Enhancements to our system allow you to keep updating the risk assessment questions and requirements with the knowledge that all jobs the technicians are dispatched to will have the latest Risk Assessment to ensure everyone is safe.

The Technician’s app already prevents a job being performed until the Risk Assessment says it is safe to continue and all the responses are captured and safely held on the job, so they are there should you ever need to review a risk assessment in the future.

Our franchise software is continually updated to ensure you have the systems in place to fully support your franchise network and help then achieve all that they can.

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