Comparing April 2020 with April 2021 we can see the extremes of lockdown for some Franchise sectors.

Whilst all sectors were hit, surprisingly the biggest affected sector was the Mobile Job based networks, even when primarily B2B.

Officially both April 2020 and April 2021 were months when we were in lockdown – but from a business perspective they have been very very different.

The headline figures are

  • Change in number of Jobs Apr 21 vs Apr 20 = +758%
  • Change in Total Job Value Apr 21 vs Apr 20 = +733%
  • Change in Avg Job Value Apr 21 vs Apr 20 = +1.09%


As you can see, on average Job based franchise networks did 750% more jobs in April 21 than they did in April 20.

In reality the levels of work now are broadly back to pre-pandemic levels, so the massive increase is show how bad it really was in April 2020. Some of our networks generated less that 5% of their normal revenue in that first full month of lockdown.

The really positive thing though is that all our customers have come through this, with broadly the same number of franchisees still operating – showing how strong the franchise business model is.

As we’ll see in other articles, not all sectors were so badly affected, generally because they were able to adapt quickly and offer alternatives to the services they were offering before Covid struck.

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