Get the information you need in clear cloud-based dashboards: see financial details across your network as a whole, or drill down deeper into each franchisee’s individual performance.

With data clarity, you’ll have the power to identify underperformers and overperformers quickly and simply. You can add the right support when and where it matters, potentially transforming your network performance.

Improved oversight on franchisees

Automated invoicing and comms

Simplified forecasting

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Nobody knows what you need in your business better than you. We don’t try to tell you: we listen, we understand and then we devise a solution that works.

Because we tailor our systems to each network, we offer you unrivalled flexibility – we can design complete franchise management systems from the ground up, or create modules that plug in to and complement what you already have.

Tailored to you

Modular systems

Save time & money


Get peace of mind when it comes to your brand control, keeping in touch with your network and adhering to legislative responsibilities. 

You can restrict access for any franchisees who are not compliant, and enjoy an overview of your network’s operations at all times.

Centralised brand control

Keep GDPR compliant

All documentation stored remotely

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Franchisee Recruitment

It’s well-known that most CRMs don’t lend themselves well to the franchise recruitment process. Are you tired of trying to make a square peg fit a round hole? Then it’s time for a system that was built specifically for the job.

And it does it all in a franchise-friendly way, with customisations that suit your particular process.

Track your warmest prospects

Easily communicate with leads

Database integration


With an unrivalled history in the UK of supporting franchisors with their software requirements, our expert team is on hand to guide you through the IT maze.

We understand how important technology is to your business, which is why we’re always available to respond to your needs.

Technical Support

Training videos

Dedicated staff

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You and your franchisees need never be more than a click away from understanding what’s going on in your business.

With Azura you’re partnering with a team of experts that understand how franchises function, and the technology to help you manage your network efficiently and effectively.

Easily accessible anytime, anywhere

Hosted in UK data centres or in your country of operation

Compatible with types of device

Mobile applications

Our apps include disclaimers, work items and a host of other functions that make it easier for people to manage their business on the move.

Plan ahead

Upload job photos


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Job management

Whether your franchisees are on the go or have a multitude of contracts to manage, our systems keep them focused on business development, not on admin.

With automated invoicing and the option to upload completed job photos, your franchisees and their customers are always in the know.

User friendly job creation

Job scheduling

Route planning software

Class management

Take the stress away from your franchisees with a host of solutions to keep them in complete control of their customer base.

All managed online, franchisees can say goodbye to manual tracking of children, parents and teachers and hello to more time working on their business.

Auto term renewal

Online booking systems

Automated registers

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